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Deep Breath Running is an independent coaching platform designed to improve running performance and enjoyment by adopting a diaphragmatic breathing technique for efficient and happier running.

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A little bit about me...

I researched the diaphragmatic breathing technique to start my own running journey back in 2019 and was amazed at its benefits. Following an ankle injury sustained from playing football I turned to running to regain fitness. Running 5k in 30 minutes for me was exhausting, my heart rate was maxed out throughout and it wasn't enjoyable.

I turned to diaphragmatic breathing and within 4 weeks I was able to run with less effort but an unexpected output was my speed which came down to a fraction over 23 minutes. Within the next 4 weeks, I was running to 10k distance without too much extra effort and my 5k time was down to 21 minutes. Four years on I am now down to a sub 19-minute pace with sub 40 for a 10k and sub 90 for half marathons and still looking to improve my form to ensure I can continue to run in my older age.

Crucially though I have gone from someone who detested running to loving it. I try to manage the balance between pushing myself vs. looking after my body and adopting an 80/20 running plan ensures I execute this balance perfectly. Running in Z2 for 80% of my weekly mileage helps me build endurance and execute better running form. This provides me with the energy to run my 20% of faster miles with real purpose. Together they deliver excellent results.

Town Moor Half Marathon 2023

I have since qualified as a Level 1 Leader in Running Fitness and in 2022 qualified as a Level 2 Coach in Running Fitness in 2023 with England Athletics.

My passion is helping others enjoy running and improve their overall fitness.