I offer a range of programmes to help athletes (if you run, you're an athlete!) either start their running journey from a solid foundation of theory or to improve the running efficiency and performance of recreational & club runners.

All the programmes are supported by me through an online app with individual training plans, and coaching feedback that help you on your journey.

Living in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, I am also available to offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions and programmes in this area.

Regardless of athlete location, I am committed to helping my athletes perform with online coaching, feedback, and support.

I will however only be able to work with a maximum of 12 athletes at any given time. I would have to disable the sign-up links when this number is reached.

Virtual Athlete Profile

For all of the programmes below, an initial one-hour virtual session will be required to cover your current athlete status, benchmark performance measures and goals for the future so that I can craft a bespoke training plan for your needs. This session will need to be repeated between any programmes as your baseline fitness improves.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Programme

Online modules include: What exactly is Diaphragmatic Breathing? Why should I do it?
The programme includes a 4-week programme to put the theory into practice, start you on your better running journey and help you build on the new habit.
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: £249 / EUR259 / $269
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80/20 Running Plans - 5k / 10k / Half Marathon / Marathon

Online modules include: What exactly is 80/20 Running? Why should I do it?
Training plan delivered for distances from 5k up to Marathon distance.
Bespoke plans for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced.
Duration: 8 - 18 weeks
Price: £249 / EUR259 / $269
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Running Form Analysis (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
(Available in Newcastle upon Tyne only)

Your running form will be analysed on a treadmill in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
The analysis will identify the areas of strength and weakness in your running form.
Duration: 1 hour
Price: £89
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1-on-1 Coaching Programme (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

The 1-on-1 coaching programme will include the below
Running Form Analysis, Newcastle Upon Tyne (1 hour)
Bespoke Running Programme (any distance)
Strength & Conditioning Plan tailored to the outputs of the running form analysis
1-on-1 track and gym coached sessions
Duration: 8-18 weeks+
Price: £on application
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Build a Runners Body Programme (Coming soon)

Build a better body to support your training efforts.
A 4-week online programme that will help focus your efforts on strength and conditioning exercises that really make the difference to your running.
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: Coming soon
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