Accepting new athletes 📣

Accepting new athletes 📣
Kids at the track

Welcome to Deep Breath Running, a unique training platform designed to transform your running.

A little bit about me... I have followed and studied the diaphragmatic breathing method for over 4 years now developing a sound understanding of its scientific basis and its application to improve an athlete's ability to breathe during exercise.

Previously coaching aged 12+ and adult athletes at Maidenhead Athletic Club in Berkshire, I now coach at the North Shields Polytechnic Club in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I am also a Level 2 England Athletics qualified coach having completed my Leadership in Running Fitness in 2022 and Coach in Running Fitness in 2023. These qualifications have given me the skills and experience to

  1. Analyse athlete's running profiles
  2. Create training plans
  3. Coach running sessions individually up to groups of 12.

I am now in a position to coach new athletes and so please check out my programmes page to see what I can offer or contact me